Children Songs - Haddad Alwi & Vita and other Indonesian children

Children Songs - Haddad Alwi & Vita and other Indonesian children. Download Mp3 Here. Getting to know and emulate the prophet muhammad for younger siblings to be good.
The presence of this album is none other than as the climax of anxiety Haddad Alwi of Indonesia's children. Concerns continue to see their musical entertainment that is not presented in accordance with its age.

"Concerned is not enough. I felt compelled to move, in concrete terms," he said. So, this album was born as the right choice children's songs. "I hope, the songs were not just filling the void the songs of children, but also provide spiritual vitamin for them."
Singer: Haddad Alwi, Anti, and Vita
Album: Muhammad Prophets (2010)
Label: Falcon Music
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