Guns N' Roses and New Album

New Guitarist Guns N 'Roses, DJ Ashba, who had joined since the year 2009 and then leaked to the press that the band's new album will soon be realized. "Right now we're talking about it," he said when asked by a new album Chinese Democracy is tilled post took more than a decade. He added, "We've been thinking a lot of ideas for the future, and those ideas must be properly executed and planned," he explained to the Artisan News Service on the red carpet at an event in California, the United States recently. Ashba was asked to join Guns N 'Roses guitarist Robin Finck replace the new formation. Career Ashba not just be a guitarist, but he is also a songwriter.
He had previously been joined in rock bands like Sixx AM and Beautiful Creatures. But in reality the process for releasing Chinese Democracy just takes 13 years after the previous album release Spaghetti Incident in 1993. But now Ashba believe that Guns N 'Roses will produce the new album is faster. "I promise, it will not take that long. I am very interested to implement these plans with a new post Chinese Democracy. Just so you know, Axl Rose has had plenty of ideas to be executed, and I am very excited, "he promised. Guns N 'Roses is now busy with their agenda for the next few months. They will hold a tour in the Middle East and Australia. Ashba add

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