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Nadya Fatira is a song writer, guitar player and a singer. Armed with the ability to play musical instruments and write songs, Nadya tried to realize his dream of becoming a singer / songwriter by the single 'Go Away'on the album 'My Story '. Single 'Go Away' tells of the spirit of an independent woman and never despair.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/Nadya-Fatira/113455928708?ref=ts
  • www.twitter.com/nadyafatira
  • www.myspace.com/nadyafatira
  • www.nadyafatira.com
Request Nadya Fatira "Go Away" RBT :
TELKOMSEL : RING ON 0311792 sent to 1212,
INDOSAT : SET 025349 sent to 808,
XL : 10120800 sent to 1818,
FLEXI : RING SUB 0311792 sent to 1212,
ESIA : RING 0311792 sent to 888,
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3 : GO AWAY sent to 1212

Executive Producer : SHUMAKKY MUSIC. Manufacture and Marketed : FORTE RECORDS. Produce by : Irwan Simanjuntak and Ekry Kusnady for BROTHERLAND PRODUCTION. Artist Management : FIGUR ARTIST MANAGEMENT ( ekry_kusnadi@yahoo.com / 081382943220 ).
Nadya Fatira My Story Full Album MP3 Download. Nadya Fatira My Story album cover image. Below is the complete track list for My Story full album by Nadya Fatira. This album is released by Brotherland Records in 2010. Simply click on the song title to download the MP3 files (it will open in new window). Some songs come with lyric and/or ringtone -- just click on the lyric and/or ringtone link on the right (if available) to view it. Please also note that some songs might be tagged for promotion purpose, as well as to encourage you to buy the original CD / casette :) Enjoy!

1. Nadya Fatira - Go Away
2. Nadya Fatira - Menjauhlah Dariku
3. Nadya Fatira - Lepaskanlah
4. Nadya Fatira - Angkuhnya
5. Nadya Fatira - I'll Be Alright
6. Nadya Fatira - Dilema
7. Nadya Fatira - Ini Bukan Cinta
8. Nadya Fatira - Temani Aku
9. Nadya Fatira - Kini Aku Yang Berbicara
10. Nadya Fatira - My Story

The whole MP3 songs download for My Story album by Nadya Fatira are available for evaluation purpose only. Be sure to remove it from your computer within 2 x 24 hours upon download. Note that NewFullAlbum.Com only collects the download link from the web -- we don't store them on our server or upload them elsewhere by ourselves. Last but not least, if you like the songs, don't forget to support Nadya Fatira by buying his/her CD music, especially this My Story album.

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