The World Jazz Singer Has Died. RIP

The World Jazz Singer Has Died. RIP. How the actual death of the world jazz singer? Whether the alleged influence of drugs which caused his death? Whether because it can not recover from the influence of drugs, has died Amy Jade Winehouse, the talented jazz singer. British Amy Winehouse, Amy Winehouse died on Saturday (07/23/2011). 'World's most talented jazz singer has died' more?

Singer hits 'Rehab' was his last breath at the age of 27. As reported by the Daily Mail, Saturday (23/07/2011), Amy Winehouse body was found at his home in Camden, London, England. It had been ascertained by the local police. "Police were called by the ambulance to the Camden Square London NW1, today at 16:05 local time on Saturday (23/07/2011), following a report of a woman who was found dead," said a statement from the police. Unfortunately until now, can not ascertain the cause of death of Amy. Police still will conduct further investigations. However, Amy allegedly died of an overdose. Given all this, the owner's full name Amy Jade Winehouse was not able to leave the habit of consuming alcohol and illegal drugs.

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