Warrant Tribute for Jani Lane

Artan Music - Warrant Tribute for Jani Lane. Rock Groups Warrant dedicate their concert held in Grand Forks, North Dakota in honor of the late Jani Lane (47), former lead singer of Warrant, who died on Thursday (11 / 8). "Jani is very loved and he writes songs that are incredible," said Robert Mason, the current vocalist of Warrant. "Honestly, I am very happy to sing songs of Jani. I always express it wherever I am." Jani Lane, whose real name is John Kennedy Oswald, acting as lyricist and main songwriter Warrant. Jani joined in 1986, two years after the formation of Warrant by guitarist Erik Turner. Artan Music - Warrant Tribute for Jani Lane.

Warrant to play the song "Heaven" in concert recalled Jani. Heaven is one of the most successful songs Warrant. Heaven reached the top of the charts Rolling Stone and Billboard Hot 100 second place in 1989. Jani was found dead in hotel Comfort Inn, Woodland Hills, Calfiornia at around 17:15 local time. Investigators found a half empty bottle of vodka and prescription drugs in the hotel room where Jani was found lifeless. Autopsies have been carried out on Friday (12 / 8) to determine the exact cause of death Jani.

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Jani Lane Personal life @ Wikipedia
Lane cited his parents as the "go-to people" in his personal life. In speaking of his parents, he described his mother, who was a 2nd cousin of Clark Gable, as "his most trusted source of advice" and his father, a multilingual author, as having a "significant impact on my creative and spiritually, 'free thinking' side." Lane's parents have both passed away (Robert in 1995 and Eileen in 2004). In speaking of the passing of his mother Lane was quoted saying "I'm still, and never will be, over my mother's death."

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