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African air conditione,indie rock from surabaya

African Air Conditioner (AAC) was formed in 2008 by three Indonesian college student/musicians Mario Adinata || percussion, voc (back then), Fajri Armansya || guitar and effects, Raharjo Prionggo || bass and effects. And in 2010 Ardo Bosards Sitompul joined as the new drummer of the band, making the lineup more solid than ever.
With Ardo's joining the band, the lineup also changed. Mario is no longer drumming but now occupying rhythm guitar and doing full vocal on all of the songs. The band name was inspired by the scorching temperature of Surabaya – a city where they live, make music and breathe. Their music, says drummer Mario, is the “air conditioner” to the souls of 90’s local and International music lovers. The uniqueness of Indie music, the glory days of Brit pop is AAC. Good music is not just about the tune, but also the quality of the lyrics. They find inspirations in everyday life – humans – the underdogs, raising awareness with lyrics that tease our mind, touches our heart. When local and International music focuses on technology and catchy tunes. AAC stays true to what resonates with our lives – lyrics that speak and present our slice of life. “Sold Out” gives us a journey to the complicated mind of a drug addict. “Longest Afternoon” is everybody’s messed up love story. “Satellite” is our life in a day. The lyrics and melody are honest and raw produced by these musicians originally playing different genres. AAC writes their songs from scratch. Only one out of three can read music. So how do they produce their detailed and intricate tunes then? Strong memory and what sounds good. Their sense of music and instruments is beyond ordinary. Some say, the 90s was the “Golden Era” of quality music. If you miss it, African Air Conditioner is IT! || For further information: (M3 : 085717199935) (mentari : 081553170781)

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