♫♫♫ The Aftermiles ♫♫♫ ||Indie Rock // BRITISH ROCK||


Member : Eddie Mohammad, Andre Helliono, Andhika Triyadi, Raden Maulana, Adityar Zulhyandra, Mohammad Rizky.
Genre : Indie Rock
city : Jakarta
Record Label : Offbeat Records
Situs Web : http://www.myspace.com/aftermilesmusic
Current Location : Jakarta
Manajer : Tristan Zorn
Public Relation : Eddie Mohammad

Quote :
Formed in late 2006, THE AFTERMILES is Andre Helliono / vocals, Eddie Mohammad / Guitar, Maulana / Keyboard, Andhika Triyadi / Bass, Mohammad Rizki / Drum. Action stage is expressive and full power, became a major force them to invite the listener participate enthusiastically. It became one of the supporters who held up until the Aftermiles became icons of the A Mild Live Wanted 2008. Appearances are able to shake the stage precisely who inspired them to name loyal fans with KIDS ON RIOT.

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lyrics :
Dear All the Gang Leaders

I thought you maybe
Out of luck to survive
Out of rage to combat
Far from good as I’ve seen
Determined not to win

It’s all the same tales
It repeats as it’s told
It repells as I hear
Far from good as I’ve seen
Determined not to end

You’re gambling with the wrong man now
The gun sticks out, and you know it’s your time
That your throat’s on the line

Dear all the gang leaders
Surrender, surrender!
This is not an offer, it’s a command
Or I’ll shoot you drop dead down
Bury your head on the ground


Kids on Riot

Kids on riot, always seem to know about everything
Oh do they? Do they always care about what them lot want?
If so then proceed

Man, remember what you chase is their hopeful thoughts
So get on with it

Action, reaction
Your passive aggression
We’ll give you the honour

To do as you please
As you wish, what you must
There we’d put our trust
Carry on, carry on, please just don’t let us down

Give ‘em a shout to the kids on the riot
They shouldn’t mess about


Today, wasn’t just an ordinary day
And the sky was too way too blue
Did it cheer up me and you?
No, it did not! What’s wrong?
Is it the place that we feel we don’t belong to
Oh no, no no, oh no

Is it gonna seem like yesterday?
When we got thrown away
Out of the pub, ‘cause we play our music, mate
It was way, too fuckin’ loud

Today, wasn’t just an ordinary day
And the street was too long to walk
It was all of your mean talk, that drove me out!
What’s wrong? is it this place that we feel we don’t belong to?
Oh no, no no, oh no

Saint a Fakin’ Sinner

They look up to you like a saint
Though you’ve done things so wrong
What are you gonna do now?

When they scream and shout at your front door
Please won’t you just give us the truth?
Please just don’t fuck around with us mate
Because we’ve got bats and guns
And this would be nothin’ [nothin’]
Nothin’ but a killin’ [killin’]

Promisin’, promisin’, and every word you waste is a hit you’d taste
Promisin’, promisin’, and every move you make would we get you baked
Keep it all in silence now, remain motionless, undetected if you can
Because we’ve run out of our patience, and not put hopes, on your dirty hands!

When everything is told in repetition
We could barely ask for just a little explanation
We never reach the point of satisfaction
All we have to see is never ending revolution

Do you witness he’s the incorrect
Illegal hands on your wrong education!

False Alarm

No one takes the blame
The space could only fit so many
And no one tells the truth
Along comes fears so help ‘em mothers

Nothing they’d expect
Something has gone wrong

If only they could see
So foolish oh dear, are they concerned?
Less than they could stand
Their thoughts explode in no certain motion

What do you expect?
Something has gone wrong

Out and they go, and they race, and they won’t see through
That they fall for the false alarm

Shifting through the dreadful lane
Understand, figure out, what you are
Have your faith in your holding hands
Don’t escape and don’t go, and you will see
You need something to lean on
It’s not something to pay for

Sing Along

Sing out of tune, my friend, if you will do so
Seize your moment, regardless what they say, just go
Dance ‘til you drop, and show what you mean, oh oh
You know what they can do is just take the piss and so

You turn all they grey skies, into blue
A little funny, but it’s true
[Come on mate, show ‘em what you’re gonna do]
And go on so they tease you
But you know they’re waiting for you to come

A Goodnight Anthem for a Better Tomorrow

Just in case I have no chance
To say goodbye to you my friends
And leave you for a long time
Long enough for you to remember this song

Just in case I’ve not the time
To apologize for what I’ve done, I know how sad
You’ve taken me in and I left your scene undone
We smile in sorrow

Uh, what a great show
We’d gratefully sing, and dance to you my dear
You beautiful people, is there more we could do?

And They Become Soldiers

The boys on the front line are asking for help
But no one would capture th sound of their suffering soul
And all they receive were orders

Pack your bags and try to get home
It’s not your fight
Don’t hesitate to leave the field then
Don’t hesitate

It’s their guns and the ammunitions worn on their shoulder
They can’t complain, and they know they shouldn’t bother
It’s not their battle why do they have to win?

And This We Sing in Dedication

Dear god, would you let us walk
Hand in hand across the sundawn
Til the night falls down
Upon the sound, of soul and spirit
We do pray to the mighty shaking beat
Inside this song we sing along
Tonight we’ll be the witness
That they save the rock and roll

We’ve got forty miles to get on stage
We warch together
Let us hit your stage
And we’d sing together

Because nothing lasts forever
Because nothing lasts forever now
We used to sing together
We used to sing together now

You let them be the rockstars!

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