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These three talented young man finds the stories of how music başlamalarıyla and let's look at each other now. 10 years ago, Matthew Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard's parents in the south of England Teignmouth (Devon), a small town settled. This place is a typical British seaside town life, if your age is between 13 and 18 are a little hell.

Guitarist and vocalist Matthew Bellamy was born in Cambridge and came to Devon 10 years old. "At that time there was trouble at home, a middle-class aileydik, had money until I was 14. He had it all until I thought I could ask for. Then suddenly everything changed, my parents got divorced, I started to live next to my grandmother and there was no longer afford. 14 music until I was a part of my life, or rather a part of our family, my dad musician, had albums, etc.. I have increased my interest in music when I started to live my grandmother, perhaps I needed ...." Bellamy, Devon spent their childhood explains: "We do not offer anything, a boring place ... just for the summer holiday arrivals from London to find a little life; Returning again at the end of the summer ... Here is a place where old cansızlığına returning full time to it I'd feel like a condemned ourselves and everyone would work to find something to distract himself, which he often would have been music.'s a kaçıştı, each instrument playing öğretirdik ... "

Also like Matthew Bellamy, Dominic Howard came to Devon almost 8 years old. "But Matthew'le difference between us was that one of my family are interested in music. My sister studied fine arts, has become perhaps the effects of this on me, but I think there is nothing to do with music. Obviously, a little music for me was something I heard on television, at least until high school, it was gone. In high school, too There was a good jazz band, and that way, I became interested in music ... " Chris Wolstenholme, was born in Yorkshire, but the age of 11 when his mother Devon'lu and settled the whole family to Devon. "No musician in my family ever, but my mother is a good music listener, as the new permanent home of the albums alınırdı," he says. Meet Matthew tells stories as follows: "12-13 years old. Chris'le I've met before. At school there were a large number of groups. Almost every student had a group. I was playing the piano in one of these groups, but Chris gruptaydı tanışıyorduk another. Dominic gruptaydı a popular, everyone wanted to be in that group. That's why I started playing guitar, people deserve to be a good group, then groups düşünüyordum.Daha he wanted to try my luck and needed a new guitarist Dominic'le have established a friendship. the next two years we had a lot of trouble the group, shortly after the new members coming and going. Dominic and I just sabittik. I guess this is my manager! Anyway, I started composing at that time. But there was a need basçıya. but as I said, I knew Chris was playing drums at that time Chris. His I thought it was a serious and talented man, so I offered him to play bass, and he agreed.'s no doubt that we were having fun. 18-19 age, when we sobered business. Then I will not go Could we Could we go to college, we had to decide. Most of our friends music left, they had given lessons and future thought. We now understand that the school are not interested, we want to continue group; she 'eyes to earn money working odd jobs. This decision was not easy to get, but now I think, in any case already hate school I was ... "

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