Starting a career in music starting 14 years ago by taking the name of selewengan a name of an American fast food restaurant "Burgerkill" came from the tip Berung (uber) cool in the city of Bandung. Established in May 1995 led by Eben then met with Ivan, Kimu, and Dada. berkaris started as a side project just a bunch of kids jamming Their metal ax-hard. Burgerkill get a job next gig in Jakarta and from here is atusiasme underground society of Burgerkill in value and unknowingly give birth to loud music in Indonesia.
line up the band did not go smoothly, some underground musicians never become a member until a solid line up now.

Burgerkill career in the underground world:

1. In 1995 a gig, exercise, go home.
2. The first single released in 1997 by Richard Mutter underground phenomenon who released a compilation cd of bands Bandung.
3. End of 1997 Participated in the compilation of "Breathless" by including a song "Offered Sucks".
4. Early 1998 release Proudness Blank, the compilation Ujungberung Grindcore bands called "Independent Rebel." That when it was released by all the major labels with wide distribution in Indonesia and also in Malaysia.
5. Malaysia independent record of 1999, Wild Child Records which released the album ended with a deal Split Three Ways in conjunction with the band Infireal (Malaysia) and Watch It Fall (France).
6. In 2000 Burger Kill's first album with the title "Two Sides".
7. In 2000 released the single "Everlasting Hope Never Ending Pain" by compiling "Ticket To Ride" album that benefits are donated for the construction of a skatepark in the city of Bandung.
8. In 2003, exactly in June Burgerkill became Indonesia's first hardcore band who signed a 6 album contract with one of the largest in the country a major label, Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia.
9. Late in 2003 released a second album with the title "Rustic" with vocalist Ivan vocal character Bengal bolder raised by the writing language of motherland and a clearer articulation of words. And in the music sector, Toto, Eben, Andris and their new guitarist Supreme increasingly daring to explore new areas not previously explored any loud music groups in Indonesia.
10. In 2006 released their 3rd album "Beyond Coma And Despair" under their own label Revolt! Without Toto who decided to leave the band and decided to contract with Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia in November 2005


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