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Artan Music - Anette Olzon Lover... Must See :). You are a fan of Anette Olzon. Anette Olzon is the well-known new singer and frontwoman of the legendary metal band Nightwish. Here you will see with different Anette Olzon. :)
maybe we'll wonder how the shape of the face Anette Olzon without wearing makeup ...? And this is Anette Olzon without makeup. Artan Music - Anette Olzon Lover... Must See :).
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Anette Olzon, Birthday : 21 June 1971, Place of residence: Sweden. Hobbies: Exercising, clothes, reading books and taking long walks in the wild. Musical background: I was raised in a musical family and I've been singing since childhood. My mom also forced me to play the oboe for 8 years! I toured constantly with my mom and her band in my childhood, sometimes I even sang on stage with them. After I turned 13, I started competing in several talent shows.

I joined my first real band when I was 17, it was a cover band and all the other musicians were older than me. After playing cover songs, I joined a band called Alyson Avenue, first just as a studio singer, later as their leading lady. We've released 2 albums since 2000. At the age of 21, I played the leading role in a rock opera/musical called "Gränsland" in Helsingborg. After that I got in to the Balettakademien in Gothenburg.

In addition to the already mentioned, I've been in several other bands over the years, I've sung in choirs, done studio work for various projects and I've even occasionally been a wedding singer. Recently I sang a duet with Michael Bormann (ex-Jaded Heart-singer) on his album "Conspiracy". During my singing career I've sung nearly every kind of music that there is! In my earlier days I took singing lessons at the Copenhagen Music Conservatorie, in Helsingör, Denmark with a private teacher. Nowadays, when its needed, I take lessons from a private teacher at the Malmö Music University. Equipment: Whatever microphone and in-ear system the NW-crew fix for me. Idols in music: I don't have any real "idols" nowadays, but I do look up to all musicians that are humble and do not think too much of themselves.

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