Drink Blood, When Concert and Ke$ha Biography

Kesha become a pop star's most bloodthirsty in the stage. According PopDust, Kesha recent performances in Brisbane Music Festival really tinged action 'bleed. " In the middle of the concert, the singer of 'Tik Tok' pictorial wearing a U.S. flag that was torn suddenly doing terrible acts. As quoted from PopEater, he issued a throbbing heart that is still visible, pointed to his mouth, and drink the blood that trickled from the heart of it. Kesha also poured blood from the heart of it all over his body. There was no information whether the heart was obtained from the dissected animals or not. However, one thing is for sure, this pop group received an increasingly frenzied followers.
Ke$ha Biography
Kesha was born in Los Angeles, California with a single mother with low income. His mother, PEBE Sebert, also a singer-songwriter, brought with them to the recording studio. He also has an older brother and younger brother. PEBE family moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 1991. Although Kesha do well at the academy, he left school when he was seventeen years for his music career. He now lives in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, California.
In 2008 he had a guest appearance in the video Katy Perry, I kissed a Girl and early 2009, while recording his debut album, was in the studio recording of Dr. Sebert. Luke by rapper Flo Rida ask the choir to sing Right Round. This song reached the first position on the Billboard Hot 100. In the fall, the solo debut from Tik Tok, Animal from the album, released in January 2010. The song debuted on the Dutch Top 40 at position 29 and reached the second position. The second single Blah Blah Blah. Then followed Your Love Is My Drug & Take It Off still on. All the songs she covered pop music and almost all geautotuned.

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