Jessica Lona, Beautiful Singer n Power Spirit

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Jessica Lona Summary
Genres : Country / Brit Pop / Acoustic
Email :
Download Songs : Andai

Biography :
Was born in June 25th, 1993 with the name Jessica Lona Pandey. Her talent in music esp. in singing was already able to be seen since a very young age and began her career. At the age of seven, she had her first album. At the same time, she was active in modeling. She went through several national modeling competitions and finally was chosen as " Putri Bunga Nusantara 1999 " and won several singing competitions.

With her ability of speaking fluent English, she write poems and one of them already made to a song. For her great interest in foreign languages, she start to learn French. Until 2010 where she finally graduated from John Robert Powers Personality Development and adds a new BAND CONCEPT to her SOLO CAREER.

SINGLE ANDAI XL(KETIK) : RING spasi ON spasi 14800424 - KIRIM KE: 1818
INDOSAT(KETIK) : SET spasi 0629365 - KIRIM KE: 808
Telkomsel dan Flexi (Ketik) : RING spasi ON spasi 0413532 KIRIM KE: 1212
ESIA (Ketik) : RING ON spasi 0413532 KIRIM KE: 888
AXIS (Ketik) : RING spasi ON spasi 0413532 KIRIM KE: 333
MART (Ketik) : 9413532 KIRIM KE:2525

News From Jessica Lona
"Kau Harus Tau" Is Now available for Streaming only on Reverbnation Page... Downloads are still coming up... thank u for waiting,,, enjoy the song and dont forget to leave your comments... :)
It's almost end of the year... I would like to thank everyone for all of your supports... I really appreciate every comments and critics given from all of you throughout the year... Have a great holiday... ~Jessica Lona
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