HYO YEON Hot Topless (SNSD) Girls Generation

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Hyo Yeon Snsd birth name is Kim Hyo-yeon. Hyo Yeon Snsd birthday September 22, 1989 at Incheon, South Korea. Hyo Yeon Snsd Height 160cm, Hyo Yeon Snsd Blood type AB. Hyo Yeon Snsd Formed a dance group Little Winners Crew with miss A’s Min (2004) before debut.

Stage Name : HyoYeon
Birth Name : Kim Hyo Yeon
Group Position : Supporting Vocalist & Main Dancer
Nicknames : Princess Fiona, Dancing Queen, Hyorengi (Tiger)
Motto : Everyone that works hard will succeed.
Languages : Korean (Fluent) , English , Chinese (Fluent) , Japanese (Basic)
DOB: September 22, 1989
Height: 158cm
Weight: 48kg
Blood Type: AB
School: 2004.3~8 Studied Mandarin Chinese in Beijing, China
Casted: 2000 SM Casting System
-2005 M.Net/KM Music Festival - BoA's 'Over the Top' silhouette dancer
Fancafe: http://cafe.daum.net/hy0922 [Venus Hyoyeon]
Duration of Training: 6 years and 1 month

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