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Artan Music - Hot Sexy Bikini Rihanna Vacation Shares Photos From Hawaii Trip. Best Rihanna news music portal about her trip to Hawaii earlier this year, the Barbadian beauty is sharing hot Rihanna bikini vacation photos. This Hawaiian vacation is now just a memory for Rihanna. See detail about Rihanna Vacation story at here Artan Music - Hot Sexy Bikini Rihanna Vacation Shares Photos From Hawaii Trip.

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Rihanna Shares Sexy Vacation Photos From Hawaii Trip
Weren't invited to join Rihanna and her entourage on a trip to Hawaii earlier this year? Not to worry, the Barbadian beauty is sharing her vacation photos.

The 24-year-old singer posted 169 photos from her Hawaiian getaway on Facebook last night. In the pictures-taken back in January -Rihanna shows that she knows how to have a good time. She's seen snorkeling, sunbathing, paddling around on a surfboard, horseback riding and sipping a beer.

Oh, and also taking off her bikini and whipping it around over her head.
Yep, within the batch of photos is a series of topless shots, though the entertainer is strategically covering her chest. With her top off, she then swims under a waterfall and poses with a big smile as she gets soaked.

As typical for celebrity vacation pix, Rihanna makes many bikini changes. In addition to the white two-piece swimsuit she's seen wearing - well, sometimes wearing - she also dons bikinis in black, green and a Missoni print.

This Hawaiian vacation is now just a memory for Rihanna, who was back to work performing at Coachella over the weekend. She joined Calvin Harris onstage to sing "We Found Love" and "Where Have You Been" at the Indio, California music festival.

Onstage in a "peace" shirt and spiked short shorts, Rihanna briefly interrupted her performance to get down from the stage, go into the crowd and hug her pal Katy Perry, who was in the audience showing off her hew purple hairdo. After the girls shared their tender moment - they have actually vacationed together on more than one occasion - Rihanna surfed the crowd a little bit (in those spiked shorts!) before she returned to the stage and finished her set. Work hard, play hard. By Suzy Byrne | Jaunt : Celebrity Getaways

She used to be respectable. What happened to her?
She knows how to draw fans and make money. Isn't that the practical end of the entertainment business, and shouldn't those achievements also be the goal of anyone who hopes to gain success through Hollywood and popular music ?

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